Coffee Tables, Table Tops, Sliding Doors & Mirrors

Glass Coffee tables and table tops

Glass coffee tables can be the focal point of any formal living room. One cannot make a mistake, whether you are selecting your table top to be modern or having that contemporary look. We have a large variety of glass coffee table, designed to work for you and made to measure. With glass you can combine wood furniture or stainless steel. We have different type of edge polishing to be able to change it from classic to a more modern look.

Glass Sliding doors

From us a client can purchase a complete system of hardware and doors. We can produce sliding doors to our customers’ needs and size. The door can be frosted for privacy or else clear for light and openness. We also do mirrored sliding doors from both sides, having a lamination between them for safety. One can choose from our big range of colours and also different patterns which can be grooved or sandblasted on the glass. Accessories of murano glass can be fixed to have a unique and modern design. Also we have several materials from where one can choose from or else can get his own material, example curtain material, and we will be able to introduce it in between the glass.

We have two different types of sliding doors, one of it having the hardware showing, the door will slide on a round tubular stainless steel having roller hinges. The other sliding door will have sliding hinges and an aluminium railing, this is usually used when the door will slide between gypsum, and the hardware will not show.
Our selection provides the best in strength and design creating a unique, modern look for any household, office space, or commercial space.

Our company also offers the service of installation, so should you need any information feel free to contact us.

• Jumbo Glass sheets
• Insulating glass with bars in between
• Glass shops façade


Mirrors make an area look bigger. There are various uses for mirrors, can be used to decorate a wall and also will make the area look bigger, mirrors are usually used in bathroom and mirrors in bedroom.

We can cut mirrors in any shape and size to meet everyone’s needs. The thickness ranges from 3mm up to 6mm. The mirrors can be polished, single or double beveled. We can also do designs on mirrors with sandblast or engraving. Holes can be drilled on mirrors for any light fittings.

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