Colourful Glass Creations

Original and Imitation Stained Glass

For many Centuries Stained Glass has been utilised as a colourful enhancement of architecture. The great cathedrals of Europe present the best-known historical examples of this usage, however in the nineteenth century, stained glass began to be incorporated more frequently in private residence, and this is why Paul Tonna son of Santu Ltd has invested in stained glass. We offer a variety of figured glass and designed.

We also offer Imitation glass for clients, which has the same characteristics as Original stained glass but with the difference that instead of figured glass cut to specific design and pieces, its different types of colored stickers and lead according to clients desire.

Murano Glass

Murano glass is a famous product originating in the Venetian islands and has become famous by the 10th century.

Paul Tonna son of Santu Ltd has brought a variety of designed murano glass to Malta, which can be incorporated with a special adhesive on glass with a design of either Engraved or Etched that fulfills the client wish, for any kind of doors windows and vanity units.

Colored Glass

Paul Tonna son of Santu Ltd offers unlimited colors and effects that can be applied to an array of glass with a special chemical that resists on glass. Color can be applied for any kind of doors, kitchen splash backs, table tops, bathrooms, walls….any design that the costumer desires, we do it.

Splashback & Coloured glass

Our company manufactures high quality coloured glass, which can be used for household, commercial or industrial. It is easy to clean surface, infinite colour options and sleek design. Thanks to the durability of the product, coloured glass is suitable in a wide range of application including bench tops, kitchen splashback, elevators, wet areas in the bathrooms and shower. One can use coloured glass for furniture, glass for cabinets and table tops.

The glass thickness will range from 4mm up to 19mm or more thicker when used for tops. We it comes to kitchen splash back we can also drill plug holes. There are 2 types of glass that one can use, the normal clear glass which is suitable for strong, heavy dark colours. The low-Iron glass (extra clear), is suitable for light, bright and warm colours. The glass can also be toughened or laminated.

Designed & Developed in the Concept Stadium