Paul Tonna Son of Santu Ltd has taken great strides to be the leader in technology and products and our cutting department is no exception. Paul Tonna son of Santu Ltd uses state-of-art cutting machinery which produces excellent, clean scores. In addition to float cutting machinery, we operate Laminated glass machinery and also multiple laminated layer glass of up to 50mm in thickness


Paul Tonna Son of Santu Ltd offers manufacturing polished glass, concentrating on different thicknesses and polish designs for architectural or furniture glass with a high European quality finish.
Glass thickness for polish ranges from 3mm up to 50mm and can be at an angle of up to 45º with different kinds of polished edges for any kind of coffee tables, table tops, vanity sets.


We invested in the latest beveling machine. Paul Tonna Son of Santu Ltd has the capability of beveling from 4mm up to 20mm Glass thickness with a bevel maximum of 40mm width, and an angle of 4º – 45º. We also do double beveling on mirrors or glass.


We can engrave on glass in any design that the costumer would like as a decoration on the glass or mirror, according to the glass size. Different kinds of engraving can be done, whether it’s modern or classic.

Glass Etching

Any design can be etched on glass for any kind, whether for privacy or art.

Designed & Developed in the Concept Stadium