Insulating Glass

Insulating glass units (double glazing or triple glazing) are basically multiple layered glass panes that have very dry air or argon gas between the glass panes.

The space between the IGU performs the role of keeping the glass panes apart as well acts as housing for the desiccant. The desiccant is the most important role in absorbing the moisture from the hermetically sealed space. Then there is the secondary sealant which is applied on the outside of the unit. The most important role of the secondary sealant is to provide structural strength.

Insulating Glass units are fabricated to project specifications. IG units can be constructed using a large variety of glass products to achieve desired aesthetics, meet design criteria, safety codes and to improve solar control and thermal performance. By using IGU it make homes feel cozier, decrease condensation and also diminish the effects of fading. Also they reduce unwanted sound transmission.

Paul Tonna Son Santu Ltd has the machinery for fabricating insulating glass whether for households or constructions with latest technology. We give 10 year guarantee on the glazing of the IG unit. The IG unit can be also filled with Argon gas.

Insulating glass with integrated Blinds

Blinds can be integrated within Double glazing units. The blinds will allow the light and heat in buildings to be solved by means of long lasting and maintenance free solutions. The blind is protected from the weather, dirt and dust since it is integrated in the double glazing unit. We supply three different blind models, venetian, roller or pleated. There are 6 different blind control systems available, internal motor, manual bottom, with cord – external motor, motorised with solar panel, removable magnet and manual knob. One can also choose from different colours to have the venetian blinds, roller blinds or pleated shading.

The blinds can have different functions, tilt only, raising and tilting or raising only.
Blinds can be incorporated within 20mm up to 32mm double glazing unit, depending on the type of blind one apply.

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