Self Clean glass

Self-cleaning glass is now a reality. Our product combine both self cleaning and solar control properties. This product has an extensive range of benefits, it could save on window cleaning bills and you have more free time for yourself, your windows will look always clean.

In order to have good performance for the self cleaning glass, all you need are natural forces of sunlight and rain and in dry weather all you need is a garden hose. Self cleaning glass is environmental friendly since you do not need to use detergent to clean the glass.

It can be combined with other products to achieve thermal insulation, noise control and solar. Self cleaning glass is normally used for big fa├žade windows which are not easily accessed, for skylights or conservatories.

How self clean glass works

The coating is activated by UV light, after you install the glass the coating needs 5 to 7 days exposure to daylight to activate fully. After this period it continues to work even on cloudy days and night. Organic dirt is also broken down, and then the rain washes away the dirt. There are certain circumstances where a little bit of maintenance may be necessary. Were the deposits of organic dirt are heavy that not even the coating self cleaning glass can break, you will need to clean the glass with warm soapy water and soft cloth. Then again after few days the self cleaning process will be re-activated.

The self cleaning coating will not flake off or discolour. But it can be damaged by using pointed objects or abrasive cleaners. It is important to carefully remove paint from the coating using soft cloth and methylated spirits and never use harsh glass cleanings products, steel wool, blades or anything else that would scratch the glass.

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