Shower Enclosures

Paul Tonna Son of Santu Ltd specifically designs showers to cater to the modern lifestyles. We provide variety of enclosures and shower screens. The glass can be clear or opaque, and we can also manufacture any design on the glass specifically to the client request. When it comes to glass we do recommend using tempered glass which apart from being extremely safe it is more durable.

Having shower enclosures in glass it will make your bathroom look modern and beautiful. By using clear glass it will provides a positive illusion of more space and like this your bathroom seems larger.

We have several modern fittings in chrome or brushed finish also plastic seals, so that the shower will be frameless. There are different enclosures one can choose from depending from the client need and budget.

Sliding shower doors – This consist in having a fixed glass and a sliding door, which are installed on a round tube. One of the main benefits of the sliding shower doors is that the doors fold on the fixed glass and therefore require less room.

Swinging shower doors – This consist of having a hinged door that open outwards or inwards in different degrees such as 180 degrees, 135 degrees and 90 degrees, with the door you can have also the fixed glass. To keep the doors close while people are showering we usually use magnetic seals and other plastic sealants, this prevents water to come out.

Shower screens – This consist of having a fixed glass which will be fixed with brackets or stainless steel U channel. At the top one will have an adjustable rod which will keep the glass more stable.

Self clean glass for showers

The self clean coating for shower glass makes the glass water repellent, so the glass will become easier to clean. The coating prevents the buildup of soap deposits and lime scale. It resists to boiling water, chemicals and it is very durable. Having this type of coating it will be more advantage in having clear glass in your bathroom.

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