Skylights will bring more light to the room and will also save you money from electricity bills since you do not need to switch a lot of lights.

By using glass for skylights you can benefit from several advantages, these can be done with the vast type of glass we have that one can use. Glass that will reduce heat from the sun, or keep the heat inside. Also one can use the Optilam phon glass, to control the noise and also use the double glazing for better insulating.

When deciding for what type of glass to use for skylight one should think about the safety for the human. As products we have the safety glass (laminated) and also the toughened glass which is 5 times stronger than normal glass and if it will break it will come in small pieces.
Also by using safety glass it will add security to your home, by protecting break in or vandalism.

Skylights are often difficult to clean, for this we have the self cleaning glass that will help the skylight to be cleaned by the UV light, rain or garden hose. Using the self clean glass you have to incline it more that 30 degrees horizontal.

In most cases skylights are overlooked, for this we have translucent glass, which comes in satin finish or opaque, this will protect from privacy and also allow the necessary light to come in. Also you can use decorative glass for the skylight so that it will reflects colour inside your room.

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